Match of the Day Family Footy Quiz Book

Match of the Day Family Footy Quiz Book

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It's time to find out who is your family's top footy genius. Tackle your parents, your brother, your sister - even your dog - to see who is No.1 in your house when it comes to football knowledge.

1 What is Jurgen Klopp's middle name?

A Norbert B Herbert C Schubert

2 Which of these legends was never named PFA Player of the Year?

A Frank Lampard B Roy Keane C John Terry

3 Which international footballer was born in Middlefart?

A Toni Kroos B Christian Eriksen C Erling Haaland

The Match of the Day Family Footy Quiz book is the brand-new challenge for footy fans everywhere. Packed with hundreds of brain-busting questions from the Match of the Day team, featuring puzzles, teasers, crosswords, word searches, secrets and much more - this is the ultimate test for any football fan.

1 A Norbert, 2 A Frank Lampard, 3 B Christian Eriksen

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