Perfect Phrases for School Administrators

Perfect Phrases for School Administrators

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Be an educational leader by using the right phrase.

As an educator, it is critical that you communicate effectively with students, parents, personnel, and the community as a whole. Perfect Phrases for School Administrators helps you find the right words that will get across what you mean accurately and diplomatically, without skirting important issues or overstating minor ones.

Useful phrases for . . .

. . . recommending an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
We would like to put your child on an IEP. Under federal and state laws the following accommodations can be make to assist your child . . .
. . . a community meeting
I am thankful to be able to work in a district with such a supportive community.
. . . teacher evaluations:
Mr. Smith must improve upon his teaching methods to make students more proficient readers.
. . . documenting an emergency
Staff contained students in a lockdown.
. . . pursuing a grievance
I would like to request help from my union representative.
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