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'A phenomenal book full of wisdom, practical advice and humour to change your life for the better' Fearne Cotton - Broadcaster, bestselling author and mental health champion

'What a personal, thorough and beautiful book from an energetic and insightful writer. Very accessible and funny.' Russell Brand - Author, broadcaster, actor, podcaster, columnist and mental health & drug rehabilitation activist

At 47, Amanda Byram is in the shape of her life, both mentally and physically, but for over two decades she was trapped in a cycle of yo-yo dieting and self-criticism, convinced that unless she was 'perfect' she wouldn't be happy or worthy. By the time she reached her 40th birthday, she was mentally and physically exhausted ... something had to change.

The Switch is a distillation of all the simple and life-changing techniques, tips and tricks she used to get herself off the 'perfection treadmill' once and for all. She shares how to silence the critical internal voices that hold us back, and how to ditch diets for good and eat and exercise in a way that will give you power, not problems.

Switch to a balanced lifestyle where food, fitness, family, friends and self-care are all in sync and discover the happiest and healthiest version of yourself - a life-changing guide for a lean and serene future!

'Amanda is a master of emotional reinvention. Using her own experiences and Switch method she has helped, guided and supported both those very close to her and those she has never even met. Amanda has never been afraid to break down the stigmas of mental health, using her generosity, honesty and wit.' Gok Wan - Broadcaster and mental health ambassador

'The Switch is a powerful reminder that being kind to yourself is the first step toward improving your health, both mental and physical. Thorough, thought-provoking, and immensely helpful for anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life-not just their body. I loved it!' Sarah Knight - Bestselling author of the No F*cks Given Guides

'For anyone serious about making the switch to a healthier mind and body, this book is an absolute gem. It's packed full of wisdom, insight and clinically evidenced guidance. Definitely a lifetime companion.' Owen O'Kane - Bestselling self-help author and psychotherapist

'It's really really lovely' Alison Curtis, Today FM

'I would highly recommend, it really is good' Colm Hayes, Breakfast with Colm and Lucy, Radio Nova

'I am really impressed and I've learned a lot from it' Lucy Kennedy interviewed in Woman's Way

'A beautiful book. It was an eye-opener into all the ways I'm MANE to myself and is full of inspiring tips on how to be kinder, written in a funny, friendly way. Honestly! It's so uplifting.' Marian Keyes

'It's a really really great book' Maura Derrane, The Today Show

'Beautiful' Daithi O'Shea, The Today Show

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