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Zest for Life contains everything you need to meet the objectives
of the new Specifi cation for Junior Cycle Home Economics. Three
interconnected contextual strands put the emphasis on being healthy,
sustainable and making good choices.

  • Integrated approach to topics as recommended in the Specification
  • Assessment for Learning (AfL) approach guides the learning as recommended in the Junior Cycle Framework
  • Learning Outcomes listed at the start of each chapter for ease of planning
  • Learning intentions in the ‘What I Will Learn’ section break down the Learning  Outcomes for the student
  • Key Words to understanding the concept of the chapter/topic are given at the start
  • Revision Toolkit provides hints, tips and mnemonics to help students be exam ready
  • Definitions of various key terms are given throughout each chapter
  • Links to other parts of the course, curriculum and to the Classroom-Based Assessments fully integrate learning
  • Revision Questions consolidate comprehension of the topic
  • Chapter on preparing for Food Literacy Skills Brief and Practical Food Skills Exam
  • Bulleted summaries at the end of each chapter aid revision
  • Discovery Learning activities throughout give ideas for students’ active learning
  • Further Investigation sections provide references for students to websites of interest
  • ‘Don’t Forget!’ clouds encourage the key skills
  • Links to Teacher’s Resource Book provide integrated extra activities



  • Zest for Life Skills Book - Included Free with the textbook: Includes skill-based activities, exercises that reinforce content, and Learning
    Checklists to promote self-evaluation and help focus revision
  • Zest for Life Teacher’s Resource Book: With detailed schemes of work and topic-by-topic suggestions for enlivening the Home Economics classroom
  • A suite of digital resources including curriculum-focused videos, PowerPoints and quizzes, which are all available on GillExplore.ie

Free eBook of the textbook with embedded videos, weblinks and quizzes. See inside front cover for details.

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